Bryan was born and raised in Murphy, North Carolina, on a 200 acre cattle farm. Bryan grew up in a loving home where the gospel was lived out greatly by his two parents. Growing up “in the Church” facilitated a call for him to accept Christ at an early age. He went on to high school, playing sports, farming, placing Christ somewhere in the mix of everything else.

Bryan went on to attend college at Lee University to study youth ministry. However, through God led circumstances, he came back home to the Carolina mountains to finish up his degree at Western Carolina University. It was there where he really felt the call to ministry after being invited by his then girlfriend, (now wife!), to help out at a youth ministry here in Franklin.

Soon, the call to ministry became so great, leading Bryan to pursue full time ministry. After a 2 year youth ministry internship, a call became a reality, and 7 years later, Bryan still serves in full time student ministry. His desire is to see students commit to a life of discipleship, having them carrying that commitment to others in duplication. 

In his free time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Kerrigan, and two daughters, Evie Kate and Elsie. He still loves working on his family farm and is hopelessly working to become a better golf.